The Undead Bar Association Book Series

For Maryanne Wells, becoming a lawyer seems like a good idea. She looks forward to using her brain power to help other people solve their problems. But though the Texas country girl’s heart is usually in the right place, she’s a magnet for trouble – supernatural trouble.

Her first year in law school, Maryanne attracts the attention of a powerful and dangerous vampire, agitates a ghost, and faces an invasion of zombies. Thankfully, Maryanne’s not alone. The Undead Bar Association, an eclectic group of misfit lawyers and their friends, come together to help Maryanne take on the supernatural, undead, magical, ghostly, and just plain ghastly.

As time goes by, the women and men of the Undead Bar Association learn how to balance legal cases, friendships, and supernatural battles. They take pride in the experience and knowledge they’ve gained working with the undead. For them, supernatural is the new normal.

Just as the Undead Bar Association members come to terms with their world, fresh danger arrives – a monstrous and evil enemy so powerful, the Association can’t take them down alone. Worst still, Maryanne’s been keeping a secret, a dark decision she made in the early days when the Association formed. If the Undead Bar Association really wants good to triumph over evil, they may have to take down one of their own.

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