Matriculated Death – Undead Bar Association #1

Matriculated Death Maryanne Wells Undead Bar Association book series

Maryanne Wells, Texas country girl and teenage genius, feels isolated and lost in law school. She finally makes one friend, quirky Naomi O’Conners, but still doesn’t feel like she belongs among the older and wiser students. Ghostly shadows and mysterious noises one night in the library change everything.

There’s a mystery to solve, and Maryanne and Naomi are on the case. But the monsters in the law school prove too much for even two heroines to handle. There’s a ghost trapped in a bookcase, zombies pounding at the door, and vampires lurking in the shadows. Maryanne and Naomi need a skilled team – the Undead Bar Association – to help them save the students and the law school.

Add in a Texas sized heap of courage and a lot of coffee, and the team just might survive. They could even graduate.

Matriculated Death introduces the Undead Bar Association book series through two exciting origin stories.

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Shadowed Demise – Undead Bar Association #2

As summer begins, law student Maryanne flees to Dallas, Texas. She desperately wants to escape the memories of her first year in law school. Final exams were bad enough, but why did there have to be zombies and vampires?Shadowed Demise Maryanne Wells Undead Bar Association Book Series

Maryanne hopes she’ll be safe working in a big city law firm, but the supernatural is a force she can’t outrun. Vampires are waiting for her in Dallas. There’s something they want Maryanne to find.

Between the bright city lights, steamy jazz and soaring glass towers, a dark mystery waits. It’s lingered for decades, ever since President John F. Kennedy was murdered on a Dallas street. There’s an object at the center of the mystery, and the vampires want that object now.

Maryanne could get the object for them … or she could solve the mystery herself and stop the vampires taking over the city. She might even find a way – dare she hope – to get a little revenge.

As Book 2 of the Undead Bar Association series, Shadowed Demise fills the space between parts 1 and 2 of Book 1 – Matriculated Death, answering readers’ burning questions about that fatal summer in Dallas.

Read a sample now: Shadowed Demise (Look Inside)