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Links to inside information about each book are below, but we’ll tell you a secret right now. The Undead Bar Association books have a tie-in teen fiction series, Ghostly Mostly. According to author Maryanne Wells, there will be two cross-over books between the series, beginning with Undead Bar Association #7.

The Series

Undead Bar Association Handbook

Alice in Wonderland & The Undead Bar Association

Secrets About Character Names

The Blog Stories: Earliest Undead Bar Association stories


Matriculated Death

Vampires of the Undead Bar Association

The Truth About Zombies

Baylor Law & The Disappearing Class

Baylor Law Myths, Legends & Fears

(To our knowledge, the author has never said publicly that it was Baylor Law School which inspired Matriculated Death. Nonetheless, we should note two things: one, the author graduated from Baylor Law; two, things mentioned in these two posts sound a lot like things in the novel. We therefore chose to include the Baylor Law post links with others about Matriculated Death).

Music and Writing: Matriculated Death

Shadowed Demise

Dallas & John F. Kennedy: Pioneer Cabin

Dallas & John F. Kennedy: Criminal Courts Building

Jack Ruby: Marked for Evil?

Binding Deceit

Binding Deceit: The Making of a Book Cover

Dracula – Book of the Week. Charlotte and Matt Hawthorne meet with two characters from the Ghostly Mostly Series to discuss a favorite book.